Esplanade Is Biltmore's Crown Jewel Of Luxury High Rises

If you come to the Biltmore area of Arizona looking for a condominium, the challenge is not in finding a great place to live, but in narrowing down the selections. With the Fairway Lodge Condominiums, you've got style, convenience, and affordability. With 2211 Camelback, you've got instant access to the all the Biltmore area has to offer. Both are crown jewels at what they do, but they're not the only shows in town either. Esplanade Place is the crown jewel of luxury high rise condos, and it can give you some of the most impossibly gorgeous views in all of the Aztec State. Views that are somehow reality! If you are drawn to such an amenity, then you will want to consider this place in your final selections. Here are some other things that it definitely has going for it.

1. Modern stylings and quality construction.

Esplanade is a great example of how to do luxury high rise condominiums right. From the first pouring of the foundation to the very tip of the units themselves, there isn't a single corner cut. What you get living here is a sturdy condo that can withstand high winds, storms, and whatever else Mother Nature has to offer. It excels at providing shelter to its tenants, and grants peace of mind to anyone who signs a contract.

2. A fit and healthy lifestyle.

The Esplanade amenities include quick access to a great fitness environment. Any time of the day you can engage in physical workouts that help to build muscle, improve cardio, and really improve the overall quality - and the length - of your life. You can swim, go for walks in the surround picturesque environment. Just anything that you want to do, really. Too often, this aspect of a condominium or home is looked over, but it can make a world of difference to your long term health and should be an important part of any buying decision.

3. A view that is unsurpassed.

There is a lot that comes with a gorgeous view. In sticking with the three rules of all real estate - location, location, location - Esplanade delivers the goods in a package that is guaranteed to grow in value over time. Plus, access to the modern conveniences of shopping, dining, and culture, means that you never have to miss out on anything.

Purchasing a condominium can be greatly enriching to your finances, your quality of life, your health, and well-being. Biltmore doesn't make it easy on you by providing so many great opportunities, but depending on what it is you are looking for, it has all you could need or want. Consider buying at Esplanade if you like luxury high rise views. Give a Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty Agent a call today; 888-418-0106 and get started.


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