The Boulders Offers Natural Beauty Unlike Anything Else In Arizona

Why are people so drawn to The Boulders in Arizona? To answer that question, you must first ask, "Why are people so drawn to Arizona in general?" The Boulders are a natural reflection of the scenery and the spirit that make this state great. When you know the answer to one, you know the answer to another. So, here is what people like most about the state: 1) Breathtaking scenery. 2) Temperate climates. 3) Modern convenience and rustic old-world charm in one package. 4) The great real estate market, and the fact that they can buy a great home - no, an incredible home - without paying the astronomical prices they would in other parts of the country. Now apply that to The Boulders.

1. This development has more natural beauty than many of its other in-state competition. With the golden hues, rocky and opulent landscapes, and a rich blue sky that follows you wherever you go, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to live elsewhere if given the choice between this and another part of the country.

2. Temperate climates are also a big deal where this development is. Residents seldom have to experience the harshness of winter, and the sunny skies are invigorating, always encouraging homeowners to get out and live the healthiest lives they possibly can. The weather in general fosters a phenomenal tourist industry that creates opportunities for careers and cultures to thrive.

3. Convenience and that aforementioned old-world charm offer a lot to anyone who lives in the area. The fact that you can look out your back door at The Boulders and be reminded of what the landscapes were like 100 years ago just before driving in to a neighboring city and accessing Wi-Fi hotspots, seeing a movie, or attending a concert, is something that other parts of the country simply cannot boast.

4. It would be disingenuous to say that Arizona as a whole was not affected by the real estate housing downturn in 2008. Most homes are undervalued, though they have been showing signs of life. If one wanted to buy in now would be the time because once the housing machine gets going again, it will be hard to stop it. Right now there are still some homes - even homes in The Boulders - sitting empty, belonging to sellers who are just dreaming that a buyer will come along and make an offer.


With all these reasons to locate in Arizona, it is easy to see why The Boulders, one of its greatest neighborhoods and possessing a beauty unlike anything else, would be a great place for you to launch that search. Call 888-418-0106 and ask a Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty Agent about what is available today!


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